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Redrock Voyageur has closed permanently

News: We are sorry to announce that Redrock Voyageur will not be reopening. We will not be available for rentals or tours. Anyone interested in canoeing on the South Sasketchewan is encouraged to contact the Medicine Hat Canoe Club.

Local Hotel Staff on a Voyageur excursion

Redrock Voyageur Ltd.

Southern Alberta's Canoe Connection

Redrock Voyageur is closed this year. Those who are interested in seeing more canoeing and kayaking opportunities in Echo Dale should make their opinions known to their city council representative, as the city council is responsible for establishing the rules and regulations concerning the use of the so-called boating lake in Echo Dale. Over-regulation and stringent rules regarding the use of the lake were not conducive to an educational environment, and contribute to the so-called boating lake's lack of use.
Two happy paddlers on the river

Echo Dale Boat House Hours

The Echo Dale Boat House is currently closed.

Redrock Voyageur is no longer operating boat tours or other activities. For canoe and kayaking information, please contact the Medicine Hat Canoe club or the Medicine Hat Tourist Information centre.

Contact information for the Medicine Hat Canoe Club can be found on the Paddle Alberta website on their Contact List.

Redrock Voyageur Ltd., 11 July 2014